30+ Amazing Websites that Pay $100+ per Article 1

30+ Amazing Websites that Pay $100+ per Article

What if I told you there are genuine websites that pay $100+ per article you submit to them?

When I decided to venture online a few years back, I had quit my job and wanted ways to make  money fast without getting scammed. Bills were heating on my emergency fund reserves drying it fast.

I had no better place to look for quick-fix solutions than online. A few days latter, I learnt of the legitimate websites that pay for articles submitted to them. I was excited. The excitement wasn’t for long.

I had to write pitches that didn’t piss off the editor and wait for days to get a response which I rarely got. The process was slow, cumbersome and tiring.

Years later, today, I decided to come up with a filtered list of websites that are legitimate, straight forward and pay decently for every article you submit.

A few will require you pitch the old school way. But most of the websites will require you submit articles and wait for a few days to get approved.

Others like Medium, you earn based on how your piece perfoms. If that ain’t your game, you can still get straight to freelance job boards and apply directly to a client. Psssst! Enough! Let’s get straight to the content.

Here is the list of 30 amazing websites that pay you up to $3,000 for every article you write.

Websites that pay you to write short fiction stories, flash stories and poems

1. One Story

Pay: $500 (PayPal)

One Story accepts short fiction stories of about 3,000 to 8,000 words. You can write your stories on any topic as long as you are certain it will capture readers attention.

One Story has submission deadlines; therefore, confirm the deadlines before submitting ,your story.

2. Zizzle -Write flash and short stories

Pay: $100 Flash stories; $250 short stories

Zizzle will pay you for every fiction story submitted to them and is accepted and published. The demand stories that amuse the young ones (age 11) and above. You can submit a flash episode or a short story and submissions are accepted irrespective of where you are in the world.

3. The Arcanist

Niche: Fiction Micro-stories

Pay: $10 per 100 words (PayPal)

The Arcanist pay for short fiction stories that are interesting and provide a fresh perspective to readers. your stories must be 100 words or less, well crafted, captivating with science fiction or fantasy character.

You can submit up to 5 stories at a time.

4. Flash Fiction Online

Pay: $60 per story (Paypal)

Flash fiction online accept stories 500 to 1,000 words long. They must be original, unpublished and in the fiction niche. you can submit more than one story. However, it should one story at a time.

5. Craft Literary -flash and short stories

Pay: $100 flash stories; $200 fiction stories

You can make a decent $100 for every flash story of 100 words or less accepted by Craft Literary. You can also take a higher pay by writing short fiction stories of 1,000 words and get paid $200 and above.

Craft Literary occasionally runs contests where you can get a higher ay and other goodies like fully paid for trips.

6. The Sun Magazine -make money on your poetry

Pay: Fiction and Non-fiction $300 – $2,000; Poetry $100 – $200

The Sun Magazine is an award winning magazine committed to publishing captivating stories for its readership.

As a contributor, the magazine accepts fiction, non-fiction and poetry which are paid differently.

Whichever your writing style, The Sun Magazine has a place for you. The best part is that they pay their writers very well.

Websites that pay you for telling personal stories

7. Readers Gigest -100 words personal story

Pay: $100 (PayPal)

Send your captivating personal story to Readers Digest and you will be rewarded with $100 every time your story is published. The story has to be 100 words only or less. Once it is published, you will be notified via email and your payments processed before your piece goes live.

8. Bella Magazine – real life personal stories

Pay: $1,300 per story

Do you have a real life story to tell? Bella Magazine will pay you handsomely for it.

All you need to do is send a brief outline of your story and you will get contacted to verify the details of your story. If verified, you will e asked to write the story yourself or with the help of someone from the Magazine after which you get paid.

9. Real People Magazine

Pay: agreed before publishing

Real People Magazine would love to hear your story. You will get compensated on the agreed amount before your piece is published. The pay rates are decent.

However, you will get a phone call from their editorial team to verify a few details and some times, you might be asked to provide a photo or two to back up your story. Your story has to be a true captivating story on what happened to you.

10. Healthy Mummy -A story of transformation

Pay: $100 per article

Healthy Mummy is a website that talks all issues women. You can submit your transformation story with photos to back it up and once published, you will receive a cool $100 to your bank account.

They seek stories about bikini body transformation, tummy fat transformation, total body transformation and even your family and relationship transformation. whatever transformation story you have in mind, you can make a quick $100 today.

11. Introvert Dear – Write about your introverted behavior

Pay: $40 per article

Introvert Dear is seeks to publish your personal stories based on your introverted behavior and how it affects your day to day life. lately, they also seek articles about highly sensitive persons. If you have a story to tell in relation to those 2, then you can make $40 dollars over the weekend for your 1,000 words personal story.

Websites that Pay you to write non-fiction articles and blog posts

12. Wow-women on Writing

Pay: $50 – $100

If there is one one thing Wow Women does best is offering opportunities to women, especially the budding women entreprenuers. The site itself focuses on innovative businesses, freelance opportunities and training geared towards taking women to the next level financially.

They generally seek unique ideas and well written articles and offer actionable tips and ideas that help people solve a problem.

They pay an average of $150 for a 3,000 words article.

13. Travel Writer’s Life

Niche: Tours and travel

Pay: $50 – $75 per article; $100 – $150 per interview; $150 – $200 per travel income guides

Travel Writer’s Life will pay you for a piece of article on how you found success in the niche of tours and travel. They would love to hear success stories on how you are getting paid to travel.

It can be through writing articles, writing a travel blog, photography among many other forms.

There is also an option of getting interviewed by their crew and you get paid for it.

14. The Overtake – write about social issues like LGBT

Niche: Lifestyle

Pay: $50 per article

The Overtake is looking for original unpublished work to feature in their online publications. They accept writers with no previous writing experience as long as they have a story to tell.

Stories that get accepted are those that cover social issues, insight into people’s lives and a close up on emerging popular cultures of the world.

15. Wanderlust – a travel magazine

Niche: Travel

Pay: $250 per article

Wanderlust is a travel publication that has a wide variety of sections to cover. they run an online and offline magazine too.

They pay $250 for every 1,000 words article published which you will get in your PayPal as soon as your piece is approved. The whole process takes 3 days on average.

16. The Stay at Home Mum

Niche: Motherhood

Pay: $50 per article

Stay at Home Mum is looking for short articles containing 600 to 800 words.

They cover a wide array of topics that concern moms and includes pregnancy, breastfeeding, family, parenting and relationships, saving money, fitness, beauty etc.

17. Writer’s Weekly

Niche: Make money online

Pay: $100 per 1000 words article

Writers Weekly is an online publication that covers topics of making money online.

They accept articles on the topics of making money online, ho to run home-based businesses and self-employment. the pay rate is $60 for a 600 words article and $40 for a 400 words success story.

18. Freelance Mom

Niche: Parenting

Pay: $75 – $100 per article

Freelance Mom is looking for current practical and actionable advice. The article must be captivating and not published anywhere else.

Before submitting your piece, make sure it is in the range of 900 to 1500 words.

19. Listverse – list based articles

Pay: $100 per article.

Listverse is one the best website to make money writing. They pay well, respond fast to your article and do not demand you be a qualified writer with a lot of experience to write with them.

For ever article that will be published, you get paid $100 through PayPal.

Your articles have to contain a list of things and they should be at least 10.

Here is an example of what you should write: 10 More Insane News From Russia

20. iWorkwell

Niche: Human Resource

Pay: $20 – $200 per article

If you are a human resource professional or have an education background in the field of human resource and management, then iWorkwell is for you. You will get paid to write instructional action-oriented article inline with human resource and management.

21. Sitepoint – Web Development, Web Design and Digital Entrepreneurship

Niche: Tech

Pay: industry rate

Sitepoint publishes great in-depth content for developers. If you can craft a good piece on the theme of web development, web design or generally digital entrepreneurship, Sitepoint will pay you above  market rate for every article you submit to them.

22. Travelista

Niche: Tours and travel

Pay: $40 per 1,000 words article

Travelista is looking for freelancers who would love to join their team of writers, marketers and social media influencers.

If that describes you, then you can submit your application here.

23. Rank Pay -SEO and Digital Marketing

Pay: $50 per article

Rank Pay is looking for individuals well versed with the topics of search engine optimization, content marketing, and how to improve small businesses experiences. They for per 1,000 words article at the rate of $50.

If you are interested in working with them, check them out here.

24. Link-Able

Pay: $100 to $750 per article

If you write for a reputable website with a higher domain rank, Link -Able give you the opportunity to earn higher. You will get $100 to as high as $750 per article depending on the the domain rank of the website, the number of words and the number of links you are to place on the article.

You will have to apply, get approved before choosing the type of job you want to work on depending on your area of expertise.

Cracked.com (malle)

Watch culture (malle)

25. B. Michelle Pippin –

Pay: $150 per article

Michelle Pippin is looking for articles that provide solutions to SMEs. Your article should aim at providing insights on how these small businesses can increase their profits, influence and impact on a budget.

If you have original content, hacks and tips, then this website can help you make money from your content.

Metro Parent malle


26. ACHS – health and wellness

Niche: health

Pay: $50 per article

American College of Healthcare Sciences is looking for writers who can craft informed article in the field of general health and wellness. The articles should provide a solution to common health and wellness issues. the length for each article submitted must be 600 to 1,000 words each.

27. WorldStart – write about computer tips

Pay: $50 per 800 word article

WorldStart give freelance writers a chance to earn a living writing online. They have difference pay rate for different word count.

You will receive $25 for 250 words article, $40 for a 400 words article and $50 for a 800 words article. they have a huge fan based which makes it ideal for contributors looking for exposure and getting paid as a result.

Websites that Pay based on how your article perfoms

28. Medium

Niche: personal development do better

Pay: revenue sharing model

You will get paid every month via PayPal depending on the number of views, engagement and articles you had in the previous month. The pay is not much but over time, with growing publications and influence, you will end up earning something substancial.

Freelance writing jobs board options

29. Pro Blogger job board

Pay: $50+ per article

Pro Blogger is a job board where people who need writers posts their job request. You will read the requirements and if you merit, you can apply.

If accepted, you will be working with the client directly and not through the platform.

30. Freelance Writing Jobs

Pay: $50+ per article

Like Pro Blogger above, Freelance writing Jobs is a job bard. Websites that need writers posts their request there where you will have to apply. once approved, you will work with the client directly where you get paid for articles you will deliver.

Pay rates are often posted on the site in that you are applying knowing your earning terms.

Next step…

There you have them, 30 websites that will pay you to write articles.

If you want to get accepted to a good number of these sites, you will have to work on your pitch. Your pitch if at all needed, must be genuine and never desperate or salesy. Most writers get rejected as a result of their pitch and not content.

However, there are a number of websites in the list that don’t require you pitch to them.

Simply write, submit, they will review and you get your response. if approved, you get paid before  your piece goes live.

Lastly, apply to as many websites as you can to boost your chances of getting approved.  

30+ Amazing Websites that Pay $100+ per Article 2

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