Sell your Cool Photos Online: 22 Websites that Pay $50+ per Image

Sell your Cool Photos Online: 22 Websites that Pay $50+ per Image

Are you a photographer? Do you want to sell photos online and make a quick $50 off your work?

I have compiled a list of websites that accept photographs and allow you to make some good money for every download made.

The best of all, getting started with selling your photos online is simple.

For most of the websites, all you have to do is upload your best shots. They will do the optimization, marketing and process payments for you for a small percentage of the sale.  

Most of these pay weekly through PayPal.

Therefore, irrespective of where you are in the world, you can make up to $1,000+ recurring passive income as long as your shots are appealing and are getting downloaded.

If you have cool pics from your cousin’s wedding, nature around you or cute animals; you can sell them online and earn recurring income in these websites.

It is a set-and-forget system and you will keep earning recurring revenue for years to come.

1. Sell photos online on your own website

This is the best of the options to start making good money selling photos online.

In as much as most the websites and marketplaces above pay fast, having your own website as well will end up being more beneficial in the long run.

You will earn 100% of the sale’s price

Cheap to maintain (takes less than $100 to get started)

And get even more high paying gigs through your porfolio on your website.

Bigger brands might want to work with you on a few projects and pay more.

And, given the website is yours, you can attract other models of revenue to supplement photo royalty sales like affiliate marketing and display ads like Pinch Of Yum does.

You might also want to have a look at Pinchofyum income report for inspiration.

2. Sell Photos Online on 500px Prime

500px is a huge marketplace for you to sell photos online.

It house a database of photos from more than 5 million photographers.

For every photo you submit, you receive 70% of the license fee once sold. Their standard license fee is $250.

To get started,

  1. Sign up up for a free account here.
  2. Submit a few cool photos
  3. Fill in a few required forms and your store will be live.

They do all the marketing and process payments at no additional cost to you.

3. Dreamstime

Dreamstime is the modern version of iStockPhoto, owned by the same company.

However, unlike iStockPhoto, Dreamstime pay decently for every photo you upload with them.

You will get up to 60% royalties for every photo sold plus a 20 cents bonus for every 100 photos approved.

You can also sell photos online (the ones you uploaded) with other vendors if you so wish.

But if you opt for an exclusive contract, you will end up receiving higher pay and perks every now and then.

4. 123RF

123RF has one of the best and easiest monitisation strategy for photographers who are just starting out.

You get paid for every download depending on the number of photos you have uploaded.

For uploads less than 999, you will get 22 cents and if you cross the 1 million threshold, you will get 45 cents for every photo download.

You can easily make a cool 6 figure using 123RF. The best part is, it is absolutely free.

To get started you will pay nothing.

Just upload photos, they market them for you, wait for ,downloads to start trickling in and you make as high as $0.45 for every download.

It is that easy to sell photos online at 123RF.

5. iStockphoto

IStockphoto is a shutterstock alternative.

They have almost the same size of photos database and they sell as fast.

You will receive 45% of the selling price for all the photo licenses sold for the month.

They are free to get started and you don’t need to enrol to any premium service to start selling.

Simply, fill out these application form and start selling your cool photos, vectors and short HD videos now.

Click here to sell photos online at iStockphoto.

6. SmugMug Pro

SmugMug Pro is a photo marketplace that allows you to take full control of your photos.

You will determine the prices and the marketing strategy of your photos.  

Once a sell is made, SmuMug deposits 85% of the selling price to your bank account as they charge ony 15% royalties.

You are free to offer coupons and special discounts to boost your sales.

7. Shutterstock

Shutterstock is the number one premium images website online. they have a huge database of photos of the highest quality.

They are also the fastest selling stock image website.

On average, you can make up to $120 per image download.

They also feauture HD and 4K short videos and vectors which earn more.

To give it a try, you can sign up here and start making money from your photos now.

8. Getty Images

Getty Images is one of the earliest stock photo marketplace today. They are free to get started where you can upload as many photos as you want to boost chances of increased sales.

However, they only pay 20% of the selling prices for you photos.

The traffic is huge and sales rates higher compared to other websites. within a short period of time, you can earn enough to compensate for the low payments.

9. Adobe stock

Adobe stock is a new entrant to the photos marketplace. They are one of the most popular places to sell photos online. The pay rate is decent too. You will earn 33% royalties for your photos and 35% for all the vectors. You can withdraw your money once you hit $25 threshold.

Adobe stock photos stand out from the rest given that they are integrated with adobe suites where you can edit your photos for free.

You can sell photos online through adobe stock here.

10. Fotolia

Fotolia is Adobe owned stock photo marketplace with 5 million+ active downloads per month.

The site offers royalties ranging from 20% up to 50 percent depending on the amount of submitted entries.

You will not have to wait for the payment period to come to closure. You are free to cash out anytime as long as you accumulate $20 in your account.

11. Alamy

Alamy is a favorite website for photographers thanks to its generous offers.

You get 50% of the royalties for every photo sold.

All you have to do is upload your photos and they will market it ,for you.

They also allow you sell the photos somewhere else if you so wish.

You can get started with Alamy here. It is free. Upload your cool photos and start selling right away.

12. Fotomoto

Unlike the photo marketplaces we have discussed insofar, Fotomoto employs a different strategy all together.

It is a platform for people who are already selling photos through their websites.

With Fotomoto, you only sell the physical print rights. All you have to do is embed the Fotomoto code on your site and your print ready images will be live on their site. Once a print order is made, they handle all the printing and shipping for you.

It is free to get started. So if you want to sell photos online, especially print-ready versions, you can get started with Fotomoto right here.

13. FineArtAmerica

Like Fotomoto, FineArtAmerica allows you to sell the physical print of your photos and creative arts.

You can curate your awesome gallery for free and only get to pay when a sale is made.

Fine Art America takes care of the printing and shipping and you will receive the profits to your bank account as soon as you meet $50 threshold.

They are favorite for phone cases, greeting cards, metal print and posters.

You can also consider to sell part of your fine prints and arts on Etsy marketplace.

14. Etsy Marketplace

Etsy is a popular platform for selling photos, wedding costumes, art and craft handwork and DIY stuff.

If you have cool photos you’ll want to sell via Etsy, you can upload them and set your own prices. It is free.

Etsy charge 20 cents + 3.5% of the selling price once your photo is sold.

Often, photos with feminine theme (those that appeal to women) sell faster on Etsy.

You can get started on Etsy right here. It is free.

15. Snapped4U

Do you have a huge data base of personal pics?

Snapped4U allows you to sell them for free. You will get charged a 10% fee once a sale is made and you retain 90% of the profit.

If you have a huge database of personal events pics like weddings, festivals and parties, you can make quick money at Snapped4U.

They handle the marketing, printing and delivery in case of print version of the pics at no extra cost to you. You can get started with Snapped4U here for free.

16. TourPhotos

As the name suggests, Tour Photos is a website dedicated to tours and travel images from exotic unique places.

If you are a tour and travel blogger or travel agency, you can make some extra money uploading your pictures here for free.

The website will market your photos for free and you will earn up to 70% royalties for every sale.

If you have travel photos you wish to make money from, get started here for free.

17. Photoshelter

If you want to take total control of your photos and earn all the royalties from every sale, Photoshelter is for you.

This is an e-commerce platform you can integrate to your website and start selling instantly.

Your display will be optimized within a click of a button and payments processed under the same platform.

You can get started and sell photos online using Photoshelter right here.

18. Can Stock Photo

Can Stock Photo makes it easy for you to get started and sell photos online. You will upload 3 photos to the site and wait for approval. Once approved, your photos will go live.

Can Stock Photo will do the marketing for you and process payments at no extra cost to you.

They charge 50% of the royalties for every photo sold.

Once you have $50 balance in your account, you can request payments which is deposited to your bank account within 2 days.

19. NaturePicture Library

Nature Pictures Library is a website dedicated to showcasing the best of what mother nature.

If you have a keen eye on nature and can snap cool pics of nature at its best (or sometimes worst), you can make good money with Nature Picture Library.

You can snap good pics of wildlife the National Geographic style, sand dunes or mountains and rivers. The variety is wide.

20. National Geographic Images

Like Nature Picture Library, National Geographic too has a library of pics dedicated to nature.

Their pics sell fast and the pay is often good and can be as high as $100 per image.

Majority of them are however by the National Geographic crew.

They accept external submission too.

Sell photos online at National Geographic Images.

21. Sea Pics

If you are marine life lover and like taking sea creatures photos, you can make money selling them at Sea Pics.

The pay is decent and can get up to $50 per download and you earn as high as 90% of the royalties.

To get started, you will be required to submit a sample photos to the management for evaluation.

Once approved, you can start building your own portfolio a step at a time and make money in the process.

22. Animals Animals

This website offers 50 percent royalties for every photo sold.

It is free to get your photo uploaded on Animals Animals website.

However, they must be of animals, nature and of the highest quality.

You can post cute cats and dogs and make a quick $50 every day. Check them now here.

There you have a complete and comprehensive list of websites to sell photos online today.

The list is diverse and more comprehensive.

You can sell animals phots, cool pics of nature, people, social events and many more.

If you have any comment or reservations, join the conversation in the comment section below or send a message on my Facebook page.

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