17 Places to Sell Your Stuff Online And make a Quick $100 1

17 Places to Sell Your Stuff Online And make a Quick $100

There is no simple and quick way to make extra money than sell your stuff online. As opposed to popular ways of making money online, flipping your stuff (new or unwanted) online is more straight forward, thanks to market specific websites that make it easy for you to do it with ease.

You can make quick money of grandmas kettle, unopened gift cards from your previous birthday, your childhood dolls and even spoilt laptop.

We have compiled for you a list of websites that make it easy for you to sell your stuff online fast. Along with them are tips to get the best out of each, fee they charge if any and audience behavior.

Let’s get started.

Here is the list of websites you can use to sell your stuff online and make quick money at home.

Online sales and auctions, Sell Anything

1. Amazon

You can sell almost anything legal on Amazon at any time. However, there are a few section that would require pre-approval or premium selling plan before your item goes live.

But for all individual standard plans, you don’t get charged until you make a sale. Amazon will charge you 99 cents per item sold and a referral fee of 8% to 20% of the sale for shipping of all physical products. If you intend to sell digital downloads and media, you will be subject to $1.80 closing fee.

You can as well opt to professional plan at $39.99 monthly fee and you will not pay the 99 cents  per item fee.

2. eBay

The eBay marketplace allows you to either sell or auction almost anything legal. Unlike Amazon above, eBay fees are lower. Your item is listed free and you only get charged 10% fo the selling price once its sold. The percentage fee includes shipping costs but not taxes.

If you listing goes beyond 50 items, eBay will require you pay 30 cents for additional items which will be returned once the item is sold.

You can also promote your listings at a fees if you want to sell your item fast.

3. Bonanza

Bonanza allows you to sell your stuff online in similar fashion to Amazon and eBay. But unlike the duo, Bonanza is unique. They offer to advertise your listing across the web for free. You will only pay a higher fee once your item is sold.

As for the standard plan, you will be charged 3.5% of the selling price for items that fetch up to $500. As for any amount above $500, you will only pay 1.5% fee (it includes the shipping fees).

4. eBid

eBid is modeled as an eBay competitor. With them you can either sell or auction anything legal.

It is free to list your items with eBid. You only pay 3% of the selling price (minus shipping costs) as fee.

Beyond the basic plan, eBid also has a premium plan where. You will pay a monthly fee for your listing and receive all your money every time you make a sell with no additional fees.

Entertainment -Books, CDs and Video Games

5. Zapper

Zapper is more of plug-and-play way to sell your stuff online. If you have lots of CDs, DVDs, games and books you no longer need, you can list them with Zapper and you will receive instant money.

You will scan the item’s bar-code and get an instant valuation. If you agree with the price, you will choose method to receive your money, pack the item and send it to Zapper with no shipping costs.

Even when the item is out of shape, you can still sell them and Zapper will recycle them. The best part? Zapper will still send you the exact amount of money you received during valuation.

6. We buy books

We Buy Books work in the same fashion as Zapper. You will scan the bar-code of the book, get valuation, fill in payment details and drop the item to the designated shipping place. Shipping is done for you free of charge and you get paid the next day.  

But unlike Zapper, you can receive a higher pay for unique and rare books.  

7. Momox

Momox is another alternative to We Buy Books and Zapper. They also run an commerce where you can buy books sold by other sellers right in their platform.

If you have books collecting dust in your shelves, you can flick them with these 3 platform and be sure to be paid the following day. They are great platforms to sell your stuff online especially books and make a quick buck on the spot.

Local sales

8. Facebook Marketplace, Pinterest Platform and Instagram

These platforms are great if you want to sell your stuff online in your local area. You can target  a specific locality (with the highest precision) with products made for them and only people in that area will be able to see your items and buy from you.

The platforms don’t take a cut from your profits. However, you are left to coordinate everything by yourself.

You can achieve great success selling on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram. The secret always lies in snapping great quality photos of the items you are selling and you are sure to make money.

9. Letgo

Letgo is another popular platform you can use to sell your stuff online in your local area. It is more like Craiglist but wit better user experience and less spam.

You can sell almost anything at no fee and zero commission on both listing and sales. Shipping costs are non-existent given that you are selling (new or used items) to people in your local area. As a result, you receive all the money you sold an item for.

However, you will have to handle all logistics, payments and packaging by yourself.

Sell Clothes, Vintage, Crafts and Gift Cards

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10. Vintage Cash Cow

Vintage Cash Cow will buy all your vintage antiques which they will list on their site.

If  you have an item that qualify as antique, you will box it and ship it to them for free. The team at Vintage Cash Cow will do the valuation for you and offer you the price. If you agree, you will get paid the same day.

But in case you don’t agree, you can negotiate for a higher price or ask it be return at no cost to you wherever you are in the world.

If you have that jewellry, medals, watches writing instruments, gold, sunglasses, old toys, old currency…etc, you can sell them online and make a quick $100 within 48 hours.

However, in as much as you want to sell your stuff online Vintage Cash Cow does not accept everything. Here is the list of what they do not accept.

11. Card Yard

If you have ever received a gift card and you’d rather have cash, Card Yard is your solution. The website will buy the gift card from which they will later sell on their site.

You will enter the details of the card on the form provided. The company will set price they are willing to buy the card for. If you agree with it, you will send the card to them and after validating it, you will receive your cash.

12. ArtFire

ArtFire sells handmade art and crafts and vintage antiques. You can list your items with them at a fee and in return have unlimited access to their platform and audience.

In as much as their fees are steep, you will receive the benefit of targeted audience and up to 95% chance of selling your items in less than one month.

13. Etsy Shop

Etsy shop is a marketplace for handmade arts, crafts and vintage items. You can sell almost anything handmade that ha valu e and make money from it.

If you decide to sell your stuff online via Etsy, you be charged 20 cents for every listing entry and 3.5% of the selling price fee upon selling.

Once you make a sell, money is transferred to your PayPal or Bank account.

Sell Designer Items

14. Rebelle

Rebelle is a small website you can sell all things designer. If you have a designer handbag, designer clothes, designer shoes or designer sunglasses, you can flick them with Rebelle and receive up to 85% of the original price.

Most people prefer going the second hand designer fashion given that you get the very good quality item at half the retail price.

Unlike big platforms like Amazon, small niche specific sites allow you to sell your stuff online fast and at a higher price.

Electronics and Tech

15. Gazelle

Gazelle is more of a re-seller than a marketplace. They buy your used electronic which they repair and sell as used items. If you are fan of latest trendy gadgets, Gazelle will offer you quick instant cash for your old models.

Your item has to be more than 60 days old to qualify. whether cracked, spoilt or in perfect condition, Gazelle will buy it from you.

16. O2 Recycle

They work under the same concept as Gazelle above. However, O2 Recycle is different. They specialize in spoilt or outdated gadgets for purposes of recycling.

You can make quick money from the 2002 laptop collecting dust in the shelves as opposed to throwing it away with thrash.

17. Sell My Mobile

Sell My Mobile specializes in smartphones. If you have used smartphone you no longer need and you want a quick buck for it, Sell My Phone makes that easy for you.

You will get a quote of your phone online. If you agree to sell it at the price, you will be sent packaging box which you will use to ship it to the company at no cost to you.

After your shipment is confirmed, you will get paid instantly via bank transfer or PayPal.

If you want to make a quick $100 from the comfort of you house, selling items you no longer need is an easy straight forward way to do it. For the reason of declaturing and simplicity, there is more you can dispose around you than you can think of. As opposed to throwing them with thrash you sell your stuff online and make a quick buck, sometimes instantly. 

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