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How to Fill Out Money Order in 9 Easy Steps

The process on how to fill out money order is an easy one. It, however, requires attention to details which if ignored, will result in your money order getting rejected or lost.  

In this guide, I will take you through a step by step process on filling out money order the right way. You can use it for MoneyGram, Western Union, Postal Services or any other money order company of your choice.

If followed correctly, you will not only complete the money order correctly but also make sure it gets to the right person with zero mistakes.

Follow these 9 easy steps to fill out money order the right way today or start by watching this 1-minute video from Rockstar Finance.

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1. Start with the recipient’s name

When you fill out money order, start with the name of the person whom the money order is being written to. The recipient can either be a person or business entity.

Write their name in the “pay to” or “pay to the order of” section of the money order paper. Always use a black ink pen and make sure to double-check the spelling.

Only a company or a person whose names appear in the money order correctly spelt are the only ones who can be able to cash out the money order.

2. Add the recipient address

Most money orders do not have this section. However, for a few that have, you are not necessarily required to fill it out.

But for the sake of money security, it is better to complete all sections of the money order before sending it to the recipient.

If you are sending your money order through postal services, then you will have to fill out money order’s recipient address section.

3. Fill in your name

In the purchaser’s section, fill in your full name or the name familiar with the recipient. Always use your full official names and make sure it is spelt correctly.

Different money order companies use different labels like “from”, “purchaser”, “remitter” or “sender”. Whichever the label your money order uses, make sure you key in your full name or the name of the company making the payments correctly and legibly.

4. Fill out your address

Fill in your address for the recipient to contact you with ease in case there is an issue about payments. It is often labelled “your address”, “purchaser’s address” or plainly as “address”.

Most money orders like Western Union do not have this section.

In case your money order has one, make sure to fill it out correctly.

5. Include a memo line

The person or the company you are sending money order to will want to know why you are sending them money.  

Memo line is where you scribble a short line stating the reason for the money.

It can be as short as “Birthday Gift” “Fundraising” or simply an account number and due date if it is the bills you are settling.

You are free to include any other information you’d like the recipient to know while you fill out money order.

6. Append your signature

Every time you fill out money order, append your signature in front of it, in the area just after purchaser’s address.

It is this signature that makes the money order official.

Often, this area is marked as “signature” or “purchaser’s signature”. Sign in the space provided with your full official signature to validate the money order before submitting.

7. Leave the endorsement part blank

At the back of the money order, you will find a section labelled “endorsement” or “endorsement signature”.

It is meant to be signed by the recipient of the money order before cashing.

Leave it blank as you fill out money order.

8. Keep your receipt or the carbon copy

At the bottom of the money order is a section meant to be torn from the money order. It is your receipt.

Some money orders have carbon copies as a receipt of payment. Make sure to have your proof of payment and keep it safe. If any dispute arises, you can confidently clarify your claims and not end up losing your money.

9. Buy the exact money order amount

The amount you pay for the money order and the value printed on it should be the same. If you are sending payments to settle your bills, make sure to send the exact amount needed of you.

This is meant to safeguard you from any fraudulent concerns in case they arise. However, such cases are rare if you use one of the major money order companies.

When you fill out money order, make sure you stick to the guidelines provided here. Your writing must be legible and spelling correct.

Where you are not so sure of anything, seek clarification either from the recipient or the company you bought the money order from.

A blank money order is the same as its equivalent monetary value given that it has already been paid for in full.

Fill it out fast and make sure it doesn’t get lost before you write the name of the recipient, your name and append your signature on it.

Unlike a check, money orders are sure proof of money deposited under your name and will not suffer from bounced payments as in the case of bank checks.

There are also a thousand and one places near you where you can cash money orders fast without the need for a bank account.

Points to note when you file money order

How do you fill out money order? Her is a summary of the step you will follow.

1. Fill in the recipient name and address

2. Fill in your name and address

3. Write something in the memo line

4. Append your signature in front of the money order.

5. Keep your receipt.

It is time to start filling money orders!

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