How to Make $500 Testing Websites in Your Free Time 1

How to Make $500 Testing Websites in Your Free Time

If you have a smartphone, internet and time, user testing jobs can be fun and interesting way to make money during your spare time.

User testing is not complex as it may sound. It involves visiting a client’s website, interacting with it and giving your genuine feedback on how you feel when using it.

Developers would love to know how user friendly their projects are before deploying them. As a result, they hire user tester (beta testers) to help them curate their websites layout, content and navigation among many areas.

The main aim is to offer better experience to the end user as much as they can.

Most of the companies listed here pay $10 per user test on average via PayPal. Some offer higher payment of up to $50 and sometimes $100 depending on the task, how good you are offering useful feedback and how long the task takes.

If you horn ,your skills well, learn fast and become sharper every time, you will receive higher rating and get more tasks as a result.

On average, you can make as high as $900 per month if you are good at what you do and clients are happy with your work.

Here is a list of sites that will pay you to test apps and websites.

1. User testing

User testing is the the best of them all. Most people prefer working with user testing given their reputation, regular work and prompt payments. They also have a global presence in that they accept user testers from every corner of the earth.

Their pay is also decent. You get $10 to your PayPal for a 20 minutes test and the pay can go as high as $60+ per hour. The higher pay however is pegged on how good you are in your work generally.

You can give them a try here.

2. Utest

Utest provides a wide array of user testing tasks. You will have a chance to test either websites, softwares or apps -you choose what you are more comfortable working with.

Joining U test, like most of the user testing websites in this list is free. You will have to fill a 4 step pre-qualification pages and submit. It takes a few business days to get approved.

Most tests pay an average of $10 on the lowest and can go higher depending on the test. Once you reach the payment threshold of $10 dollar, you will get paid via PayPal or Payoneer.

You can apply for Utest here today.

3. Validately

Validately is one of the best user testing websites loved by thousands today thanks to their higher pay, more jobs and flexibility.

Their partnership with the tech titans like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Salesforce among many ensure a continuos flow of work.

They are not as strict when signing up new user testers. All it takes is for you to sign up, complete user testing tasks and get paid every week through PayPal.

It is free.

4. Userlytics

You can become a user tester at Useranalytics and earn $10 per complete test today.

The screening process is fairly simple and you will get accepted easily.

Useranalytics accepts user testers from any part of the world. All you have to do is register with your email and a few personal information and you will be accepted.

They pay an average of $10 per test and more for live and demanding tests.

Apply here today and start making money.

5. Whatusersdo

Whatusersdo is another trusted user testing website.

To get accepted, you will have to (1) sign up using your email, (2) download their screen recorder for purposes of recording tests, (3) take a test and once you pass, you are accepted.

Every time you have a test, you will be notified through your email.

Their pay is decent at $5 per test which is deposited to your PayPal 25th of every month.

6. Enroll app

Enroll app is a user testing service dedicated to mobile friendliness tests of apps and websites.

Most of the tasks demand you use your smartphone. It involves responsiveness, visibility and the general mobile friendliness of the sites.

This makes it easy for you to make money of the go given most of their tasks take less than 10 minutes.

They pay every month via PayPal.

Here is an example of what you will do at enroll app.

7. Respondent IO offers among the highest pay in this category. You will get paid $30 up to $60 per test which takes a few minutes up to an hour long.

Their screening process is however hard to get through but it is worthy trying given the pay. If you have a better experience doing user testing jobs and want to move to the next level, respondent might be the platform you have been looking for.

You can apply for respondent here for free.

8. Test IO

Join and start earning for every issue you find in websites and apps you test. pay as high as $50 and sometimes up to $100 per test depending on the issue you have found.

Unlike others, you only get paid for issues you have found on an app or website. therefore, if you have some skills and experience in in relation to apps and websites development, test is for you.

Even for those who do not have such skills, you will get paid $5 to rate apps.

9. Startup lift

You can earn $5 for every complete user testing task at startuplift. They pay via PayPal every Monday for the money you earned the previous week.

You can register using your email address and start taking tasks you see in their dashboard right away.

However, tasks are very few and positions get filled up fast for the user testing tasks every time they come.

If you are patient enough, you can register with them and start making money today.

10. Usercrowd

User crowd provides a unique opportunity compared to the the rest of the websites listed here. They are design forcused. They pay you for the feedback concerning the design aspects of softwares, websites, apps and every other digital products you can think of.

The best part is they do not require you be a designer. Usercrowd is more interested in getting the feedback in the eyes of the end user, how they feel and think about the end product.

You will get points for every user testing task you complete. The points are converted to cash and you can cash out via PayPal any time you reach the $10 threshold.

11. Trymy UI

TrymyUI pays $10 for every user testing task completed. Most tasks take an average of 20 mins.

The pay is processed through PayPal every time you meet the payment threshold.

It is worthy to remember to use your PayPal email while signing up. it is the one that will be used to process your payment at the end of the day.

Here is an example of what you will be doing at trymyui.

12. Erlibird

Erlibird is another decent website tester jobs site. Like most sites in this list, Erlibird pays $10 for every complete task. There is a chances to earn more for more complex user testing tasks.

Once you have made $10 or more, you can request to be paid after 7 days. They too process their payments through PayPal.

You can work with Erlibird today. Sign up here.

13. Testerwork

If you have developers skills, you can make a decent income every month using Testerwork platform. The platform demands more specialists and their pay is decent.

However, you have to identify a problem for your tests to be marked as completed. If you have sharp skills on apps and web development sand want an avenue to sharpen it further while making money, then Testerwork is for you.

Payments are processed in the middle of the month and at the end of the month through PayPal. the payment threshold is low ($5 only).

14. Ferpection

Ferpection gives you a chance to make money doing user testing tasks using a smartphone only. This makes it easy for you to complete simple tasks on the move and make money as a result.

Tasks here involve exploring sites and apps using your smartphone, send feedback based on your interaction with the app and you receive your pay. It is that simple.

Get started with Ferpection here.

15. Intellizoom Panel

You can earn extra money taking user test jobs at Intellizoom. Thy are global and accept testers from almost all countries. However, you must make sure you are bale to receive payments through PayPal. Intellizoom Panel pays $10 for video and audio tests and $2 for a simple Q/A tests which take 2 mins on average.

You should take note that tests at intellizoom use different name. They are called studies. But, they are just like tests available to all websites we have covered insofar.

16. Testbirds

Test birds not only pay you to test websites. They also pay for testing apps and software.

Their pay is decent and is $20 on average. Once signed up and complete tasks, you will get paid at twice a month and the main method of payment is PayPal. However, there is a provision for direct bank transfer if you prefer it.

17. Upwork

Upwork is a popular freelance jobs portal with millions of jobs and users. The platform offers user testing jobs as well where you get to test websites, apps and software.

Job descriptions are also stated prior to in that when you take on the task, you know what to expect.

Upwork pays its clients via PayPal, direct bank transfer and through Payoneer.

The amount you will be paid test differ from one employer to another.

18. Loop11

Getting accepted to Loop11 is challenging. Their screening process is stringent and even after passing, it might take months before you get an okay to start taking user tests.

This guarantee the highest quality of work, higher pay and continuos flow of work for freelance user testers.

Loop11 pays as high at $100 per complete test with other bonuses for excellent work. You can get up to 5 tasks a day and a decent income at the end of the month.

18. Testing time

The Swiss startup accepts global audience who can sign up and complete tests and get paid. The first step is to sign up here and once approved, you will receive a user test every day via email.

You are not required to have any other additional software to start working with them. Internet, laptop and Skype is all you need to start making money.

They pay up to $70 depending on the test via PayPal  and have an option for direct bank transfer.

19. User feel

To start making money online testing websites using Userfeel, you will have to sign up, take a simple 30 minutes tests and once you pass, you will get an approval.

Most of the tests are sent via email and you can earn an average of $10 or more per complete test.

To get an account, sign up here and start making money through user testing.  

20. Usability hub

This one of the best user testing website available online. Insofar, Usability hub panel has given 7.5 million tests feedback making it among the busiest user testing website.

They pay up to $25 per test and the application process is straight forward; your email address and name.

Start here today and get paid via PayPal at the end of the week.

21. Amazon mechanical turk (Mturk)

Unlike the sites we have covered insofar, Mturk is different. Amazon provides a platform and the needed infrastructure to make the freelance atmosphere thrive. There are thousands of micro tasks in addition to websites and apps user testing which you might be interested in.

The best part of it all is that is it free to join, global and has a large variety of jobs you can start today and make money.

There you have it, 21 user testing websites you can use today to making money right away.

Some will require you have a microphone and screen recording software. however, most come embedded with these softwares in that yours is to sign up, complete the given tasks and make money.

The payment threshold is low, at $10 for most sites and you have an option to get your money via PayPal, Payoneer or direct bank transfer.

The secret to earning more is to sign up to as many sites, sit back and wait to get notified of a user test job via email once its available.

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