Hi! I’m Liam Rock!

A snapshot of Liam Rock, the founder at Liamrock Finance

I’m a freelance writer, a coach and a personal finance blogger.

After graduating with Economics degree, I found myself underemployed.

I was working myriad of jobs just to make sure I stay put with the pace of life -a survivalist mentality.

Like everyone else, my debt was skyrocketing day by day and Economic concepts learnt in school weren’t helping either.

But, after hitting the $50,000 mark in debts, I realized I had to put an end to the streams of wishful thinking and planning for BIG LAUNCHES and breakthroughs that never came to pass.

Instead I took action.

I started learning about simple but powerful personal finance and money management tips.

With daily input, consistency and self-discipline, I was able to realize steady results after 6 months of sweat and blood.

And, within a year of starting from scartch, I was able to pay $52,000 debt, save 6 months worth of emergency fund and now pinching more coins for mortgage downpayment.

What I do

My mission is to help people like you manage money wisely and make smart financial decisions by simplifying rather complex scary money topics.

After a bumpy start in life, I decided to use my personal story and experiences to help people like you make smart financial decisions.

I will show you how to master parts of personal finance that matter the most and money management tips that will make you grow fast and be financially smart.

In as much as personal finance topics are vast and complex, the base concepts are few and simple and that is what I write about.

Above all, successful personal finance journey needs you to play your part. All you have to do is START then COMMIT. And that requires a level of discipline.

Other things I do

Apart from sharing personal finance tips on this blog, I also help clients with their content needs. 

I work closely with B2B and B2C companies providing useful and engaging content that converts viewers into clients.

My work has appeared on Financial Impulse, Money Crasher, Money Talk News, Trent, The Simple Dollar and many more.

In addition, I also have a one-on-one online business coaching offer to a handful of clients on first-come-first-serve basis. You can check with me here to book a slot.

In my free time and over the weekends, I play with chubby orphaned baby elephants and goofy young rhinos.

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